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WFSBP returned to an in-person congress in the historic city of Istanbul on 5-8 June 2024.


Leading World Biological Psychiatry Researchers Discuss 16th World Congress

Prof. Peter Falkai
Incoming WFSBP President

Prof. Michael Berk
WFSBP Vice-President

Prof. John Krystal

Prof. Steven Hyman

Prof. Anthony Pelosi

Prof. Deanna Barch

Prof. Steven Lawrie


Prof. Lakshmi Yatham
WFSBP President

Prof. Nora Valkow


Prof. Ole Andreasean

Prof. Ludger Tebartz van Elst


Prof. John Torous

Prof. Dave Castle


Prof. Evangelos Vassos


Prof. Soraya Seedat

WFSBP Secretary

WFSBP Statement on the 16th World Congress Postponement

The WFSBP Executive Committee has been looking forward to hosting the World Congress of Biological Psychiatry this year in August in Istanbul. However, the unexpected devastating earthquake last month in Türkiye has had massive impact on our colleagues, their families and friends and we have been continuing to hear from our colleagues about the toll of the earthquake and the work being done to support citizens of Türkiye. As you will agree with me, in these unfortunate circumstances, the priority of the WFSBP ought to be, to allow the members of the Local Organizing Committee and our Turkish colleagues to focus their relief efforts on mental health and psychosocial supports in the country.


In light of the above, after much deliberation, the WFSBP Executive made a difficult decision to postpone the 16th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry in Istanbul, Türkiye to 4-8 June 2024. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause but believe that it is the right decision under the circumstances, as we hope that this will allow our colleagues in Türkiye time to address the aftermath of the earthquake.

15th World Congress on Biological Psychiatry Highlights

2021 Plenary Talk by Thomas Südhof

View Nobel Laureate Thomas Südhof’s plenary talk “Synaptic mechanisms driving schizophrenia pathogenesis” which he held during the Virtual WFSBP Congress 2021 – at any time.  

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